Jigtech - Time-Saving Technology from Dale Hardware

3rd Aug 2017

There's a brand new item on the shelves at Panel Depot and we don't mean to brag, but it's pretty cool.

The Jigtech system is a revolution in door handle and latch fitting from Dale Hardware, one of the leading distributors of Architectural & Builders' door hardware in the UK.

As market leaders in innovation, Dale Hardware are always developing new ways to make your life easier, and Jigtech does just that.

This ingenious jig system reduces door fitting time by 80% from the standard 25 mins+ to under 5 minutes

The process of fitting couldn’t be simpler – measure once for where you want to fit the handle and the rest is all done for you.

Take a look at this useful vid below to see it in action.

If you're interested in this time-saving marvel, you can view it on our products page here.

Alternatively, you can pop on down to our showroom in Leeds and have a chat with our friendly staff.