Décor: PP7678


This surface blends sophisticated sparkle with a textured gloss finish to create a stylish ambience.


3600mm x 900mm x 40mm Platinum Cyclone PET Worktop PP7678 Worktop

Product Information

  • Décor Code: PP7678
  • Décor Description: Platinum Cyclone
  • Product Description: PET Worktop
  • Structure: Platinum Etchings View Image
  • Type: Worktop
  • Manufacturer: Axiom
  • Core: Chipboard
  • Postforming: Yes


  • Length: 3600mm
  • Width: 900mm
  • Thickness: 40mm
  • Weight: 84 KG

View variations in platinum cyclone worktop

Structure Core Length Width Thickness
Platinum Etchings Chipboard 3600mm 600mm 40mm View product
Platinum Etchings Chipboard 3600mm 665mm 40mm View product