Plywood is an extremely reliable, strong and durable board that’s ideal for roofing, flooring, walling and more. 

What is Plywood?

An environmentally certified construction material, plywood is made from three or more thin layers of wood, or “plies”. The layers are bonded together with adhesive, with each layer oriented with its grain at right angles to its adjacent neighbour. This reduces shrinkage and improves the strength of the panel.

Our Plywood products

As a strong and durable material, plywood is versatile in its application possibilities, from roofing and flooring to hoarding and walling. We stock many variations depending on what you wish to use it for. This includes:

- Birch plywood
- Exterior plywood
- Marine plywood
- Fire rated plywood

Use the filter to refine your search and get exactly what you want. 

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