Welcome to The LAB

26th Aug 2020.

Get simple, easy access to every single decor image and more with a brand new asset download service, exclusive to Lawcris. Get single files or full collections in an instant.

In The LAB, you are in control. Access full board decors, thumbnails and room-sets, as well as brochures and data sheets. We've cut out the middle man so you can help yourself.

We listened to your feedback and created a tailor made service. Our close relationship with our brand partners, including EGGER, Kronospan, Finsa and more, has allowed us access to all the imagery and information you could need.

Enter the LAB directly from the Lawcris website (link diverts to Lawcris website). Simply login and select your files, we will then zip them up and whizz them over to you via email.

If you don't have an account already, setting one up couldn't be easier. Just navigate to The LAB and follow the prompts and you'll be in in a jiffy.

If you get stuck, our technicians are here to help. 
Come on in and take a look around The LAB.