Panel Depot are Turning 2!

13th Sept 17

On September 7th this year, Panel Depot turned 2 years old! Our beautiful showroom didn't just appear overnight though... 

Lawcris have always had a trade counter, but in 2003, our first showroom was built on our premises at Cross Green Estate in Leeds.

Our old showroom was smaller (and a bit less stylish) but we loved it anyway...

When we moved to our current premises, we decided to have a little revamp... or rather, a complete makeover!

Starting from nothing, we built our Panel Depot from the ground up.

After the building was complete, we got to work turning it from an empty shell into our lovely showroom. 

For a whole year, while developments were underway, our staff worked from a small portakabin. It was so small they had to keep their samples in our gatehouse!

Finally, in September 2015, our shiny new Panel Depot was complete and we opened our doors to the public! 

We've come a long way from our original little counter, and we have some great plans for our future, so stay tuned folks, the next few years are going to be good!

Happy Birthday to us! Hurrah! Check out all our products we have to offer you and maybe have a sneek peek at our showroom. See you soon... ;-)