CompacMel Plus is a greener alternative to a regular compact laminate and can save you time and money! 

Environmentally Friendly

Made form compact high-density wooden fibreboard, CompacMel Plus is sustainable and recyclable. It’s made using 100% recyclable material and its production process emits only 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional compact laminates. Not only this, but CompacMel Plus is fully FSC certified and will help to obtain green building certification credits.


CompacMel Plus has excellent bending strength, tensile strength and impact resistance, making it easy to machine and simple to install. Compatible with standard tools and hardware used for wood-based products, it has low tool wear compared to compact laminate.

Perfect Edge Cutting

Perfect edge cutting means that there’s no need for edging – just leave the edge visible! CompacMel's black core can be used a design feature in itself. This saves time and money, and gives a crisp, clean finished line.


With antibacterial qualities that inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, CompacMel Plus is ideal for use in high-humidity areas. It’s proven to be a popular choice for locker rooms, toilet cubicles and changing rooms as well as office and educational facilities.

Loads of choice

Available in 18 eye-catching decors, CompacMel is the ideal choice for a huge range of applications. Browse the collection and get your free sample!

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