Rock & Roll Collection


Versatile texture with its own personality... 
The Rock & Roll finishing combines the distinctive features of various materials, such as wood, stone and textiles into a single surface.

This makes it an extremely versatile finishing, which seamlessly blends into widely different designs.

The strong wood character of Iguazu Oak and Niagara Oak designs are enhanced, and the ambiguity of the Sacramento Pine and Urban Loft surfaces is even more noticeable with the Rock & Roll finishing.

Antibacterial Certified Range
The growing demand for products that prevent the development of harmful germs to health has led us to work in the research field, looking for materials that can meet these requirements.

As a result of this work, FINSA has developed the Antibacterial Studio Series. This protection is suitable for applications where hygiene is a must, such as laboratories, kitchens, bathrooms, commercial and community facilities, childrens furniture and many more.

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