PerfectSense Collection


PerfectSense Collection by EGGER

The mixing and matching of different textures and styles within the design world is extremely popular. EGGER has really raised the bar with their PerfectSense collection consisting of 2 incredible ranges, PerfectSense Gloss and PerfectSense Matt surfaces which when combined in one design, create impressive contrasts.

PerfectSense Gloss is characterised by an exceptionally high gloss surface.
PerfectSense Matt feels warm and silky, with a matching look and feel and a perfect contrast to the high gloss. 

Epic product ranges of course deserve an epic video. Let us introduce you to the PerfectSense Collection...

PerfectSense Gloss
PerfectSense Gloss is at the extreme of the spectrum, 6 ultra gloss surfaces that makes a bold statement of luxury. With the ability to reflect light, it can help make spaces feel brighter and bigger.

There’s gloss and there’s PerfectSense Gloss. A smooth and flawless surface which results in a new level of reflection that allows you to create the kind of high-end look that was previously only achievable by using glass or acrylic.

A high-end look must not fade, which can be the case with high gloss, so EGGER has added a unique UV coating that is both hardwearing and protective, to ensure PerfectSense Gloss shines longer.

PerfectSense Matt
The velvet matt surface of PerfectSense is the complete opposite to EGGER’s high gloss surfaces and has been developed to meet the growing demand for high-quality, soft-look finishes that appear in some of the more highend living and commercial spaces. 

Available in a range of 7 neutral colours, the special No-Fingerprint finish prevents smudges and smears appearing on even the most tactile of areas, such as handless doors.

Our range of muted colours have been created specifically to help make it easier to achieve a tone-on-tone look, allowing you to create furniture that does not need to shout to be noticed.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the PerfectSense ranges and our helpful team will have the answers.