CompacMel Plus Range


CompacMel Plus Collection by Finsa

If you are looking for a solution in wood, especially designed for use in highly humid indoor environments or applications requiring high resistance, then look no further! Perfect for washrooms and cubicle panels. This incredible collection is exclusive to Lawcris.

- Environmentally Friendly

- Competitively priced

- Excellent Mechanical Properties

- High Moisture Resistance

- Easily Machined

CompacMel Plus is a great alternative to compact laminate. This product is the natural evolution of wood-based fibreboards, offering technically advanced solutions for the most demanding projects with excellent mechanical properties. 

There are 18 different colours in the range, 4 woodgrain and 14 colours. Applications include:

• Sports facilities: lockers, benches, shower screens, cubicles, etc.
• Commercial facilities: testing rooms, counters, etc.
• School and office furniture: shelves, tables, etc. 
• Kitchen Furniture: worktops, tables, etc.
• Hospital equipment: beds, tables, cupboard doors, etc.
• Hotel equipment. 
• Suspended separations in public bathrooms 
• Panelling 
• Interior doors

The advantages in terms of machining behaviour are quite significant, it saves time and tool wear. You can work just like one would do with any other wood-based panel. It is also a very good solution for vertical surfaces.

CompacMel Plus is environmentally friendly, the wood is sustainable and 100% recyclable material.

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