This coreboard is available in standard and furniture grade, as well as moisture resistant and fire rated options.

Chipboard has excellent lamination properties and is ideal for furniture manufacturing and interior design.

Chipboard can be used as a raw board or surfaced with wood veneers, melamine decorative papers or foils. Read one to find out more about this versatile timber product or take a look at our product range.

What is Chipboard?

Chipboard, also called particle board, is made from wood chips obtained by shredding waste or recycled wood. The shredded timber is mixed with a liquid resin, which hardens when heated under pressure.

The resulting sheets may then be coated with a veneer, laminate or other decorative papers. Alternatively, they may be used as the raw-board.

Our Chipboard Products

Since the 1950s, chipboard has proved an extremely useful material and has been widely utilised in kitchen design.

Our high density chipboard is hardwearing and rigid, making it ideal for use as the carcass for kitchen units, worktops and flooring.

Veneered surfaces are also often used for flat-pack furniture and work surfaces.

Most chipboard is for internal use only, however exterior grade chipboard is available.

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