Cheap Screws

12th April 2018

Get your minds out the gutter, it ain't what you're thinking... unless you're thinking "WOW what a bargain" in which case, you've nailed it. Or screwed it. Oh, never mind.

Our Cutter Screw Trade Packs are on offer! Grab one today for only £33.40 + VAT for trade customers! 

Benefiting from having a unique design with 2 slots cut into the thread on 30mm and above screws (1 cut up to 25mm), the cutter screws allow you to work closer to the edge of both timber and board materials without splitting.

Main Features:

-Distinct ribs & tucks: Self countersinking means there is no need to counter-bore. 

-Reinforced Collar: Preventing snapping and giving depth which reduced the risk of "cam-out''. 

-Lubricated, sharp, wide, deep thread: 40% reduction in driving resistance. 

-Yellow tropicalized: A superior rust resistance screw.

These awesome packs contain:

--200 of 4.0 x 25mm

--200 of 4.0 x 30mm

--200 of 4.0 x 40mm

--120 of 4.0 x 50mm

--100 of 5.0 x 40mm

--200 of 5.0 x 50mm

--200 of 5.0 x 60mm

--200 of 5.0 x 80mm

Also Includes 10 x Wera Bi-Torsion Pozi Bits.

For more info and to get yours, pop down to the Panel Depot. Or you can simply give us a call on 0113 228 2036.