Resopal were founded in Germany by August Hermann Rommler in the late 19th century. Then associated with gramophone record production, Rommler soon became interested in plastic at an early stage in its development.

Along with the Bakelite Company, Rommler was a pioneer in plastics technology. The large-scale industrial production of technical laminates for the electrical industry lead, in turn, to the invention of decorative laminates for the furniture industry, in which the company finally specialised and where even today it is still pushing with the same pioneering spirit.

The present-day Resopal GmbH company considers itself the pioneer of laminate surfaces and continues to supply one of the hardest material surfaces for trendsetting solutions in contemporary interior design.

As well as an extensive range of laminate decors, Resopal offer their unique digital printing. Taking a high-res drawing, painting, photograph or even a RAL number of a colour and printing this onto a 10 x 4 laminate to then bond onto a board, this service means you have unlimited design potential!

The company belongs to Wilsonart International Holdings LLC. It is FSC® and PEFC™-certified and is certificated for environmental and energy management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001.