A family-owned business, fixtures and fittings manufacturer Hettich is at home in Kirchlengern, Germany.

Hettich's history is defined by outstanding engineering achievements and bold enterprising decisions. In 1888, Karl Hettich mechanised production lines in cuckoo clock manufacturing, and in 1928 August Hettich developed production line processes for piano hinges. Together they set the course for the group's present activities in the furniture industry.

In 1930, Paul, August and Franz Hettich set up a new company in Herford. This took the brothers to the heart of the German furniture industry. With time, the products changed. Today Hettich manufacture technology for furniture, working on products that you often can't see once they are fitted in furniture. Noticeable though in the job they do, Hettich’s hardware solutions bring movement, safety and convenience to furniture, continuing to do so after years of use. 

Now with a fourth generation at the helm, the Hettich brand is synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability across the globe.