Belgian company Decospan was founded in 1978 by Urbain Desmet and since then has seen tremendous global growth.

Known for their high quality veneers and veneered products, Decospan boast a treasure chest of more than 160 wood species. 

With six production sites in Belgium, France and Croatia, Decospan have focused on innovation and development of their products, and can boast some impressive results, including:

-The development of formaldehyde-free products (Zero)
-Processing of thicker cut veneer
-A patented machine that gives veneer a rustic look (scratching)
-A brushing technique to give a deeper structure


As the European leader in wood veneer processing, Decospan do not shirk their environmental responsibilities. 

On average, 30% of the energy used in their production is solar energy, generated by the solar panels installed at all their production sites.

Decospan use waste wood to bring machinery up to the right temperature and also to heat their business premises in the winter months. In addition, Decospan also invested in wind energy. The two wind turbines are a source of sustainable, renewable energy.

Their products carry the FSC® and PEFC™ labels for forestry management and conservation.